Jack Hinks

Jack Hinks is an Edinburgh-based singer / songwriter, playing to ensure the survival of your ear-worm. Combining genres such as rock, jazz and blues, Jack creates an eclectic genre of his own, but with a feel that has been likened to Jeff Buckley and John Mayer.

Jack performs regularly (with a plethora of bands and outfits) throughout Edinburgh, the U.K, and has already began to spread across Europe.

Jack is endorsed by Faith Guitars, CovenantCables and Vein-Tap Pedals.

Photo by Perry Jonsson


The Cultural Workers

Jack regularly performs alongside fellow singer / songwriter Calum Baird under the stage name, 'The Cultural Workers', playing acoustic cover favourites, as well as Calum's original material which comes with a Dylan-esque vibe. Regulars at Whistlebinkies will know Calum and Jack, but the duo often travel further afield, including being invited back to play the BBC Bandstand again in 2017.

Photo by Tricia Yourkevich / BBC



Jack performs lead guitar with Edinburgh-based folk titans, Ekobirds. The project was started by Sam Thorne (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano) and Fiona Liddell (Vocals, Violin), but over the years has seen solo to quartet performances, featuring Alistair Mackey on cajon.

Ekobirds frequent many Edinburgh venues, with such favourites as Bier House, Bannermans and Foundry 39, alongside their regular performances with Loud Poets.

Photo by Perry Jonsson



'Hinks' are an Edinburgh-based alternative rock band. Combining the heartfelt songwriting of Jack's solo work with the grit of a 4 piece rock band, 'Hinks' ensure the survival of your ear-worm with every song. Using melodic guitar and violin, a behemoth rhythm section and powerhouse vocals, 'Hinks' are an act not to be missed. 'Hinks' are also available to perform acoustically, in any arrangement from duo, trio, or full unplugged band.

Hinks play in and around Edinburgh, but have travelled the length of the U.K, including having been invited back to play the BBC Bandstand for a second year in 2017.

Photo by Perry Jonsson.



Jack performs lead guitar and backing vocals in Edinburgh-based function band, Luna!

Luna are a fresh five-piece with something for absolutely everyone! Known for their eclectic mix of popular chart toppers (such as Bruno Mars, John Legend and Macklemore) and timeless classics (Aerosmith, Prince, Stevie Wonder), their perpetual energy and powerhouse vocals provide you and your guests with a perfect night's entertainment every time! 

If you'd like to book Luna, please contact us through ''.

Photo by Perry Jonsson.



Jack joined Edinburgh-based Country and Americana band, Coldsville in 2015 as a Lapsteel player, but has since grown in to his band role as a vocalist and guitarist also. Legends say he's even been spotted with a banjo before. 

Coldsville perform in and around Edinburgh as a 6 piece, and are firm favourites at The Cowshed during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Coldsville's debut album is set to release early 2018.

Photo by Perry Jonsson.


Loud Poets

Jack performs behind local spoken word giants, Loud Poets. Alongside his fellow Ekobirds, Jack has toured the U.K. and Prague with Loud Poets since late 2015, celebrating his second year with them at the end of their 4th successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  

Loud Poets perform monthly nights in Edinburgh and Glasgow, each with live, improvised music from their house band, Ekobirds.

Photo by Perry Jonsson.